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Eyes checked results (Updating 2016)
News 2017

2016 could have been better, but now more about that.

The fun was that Liza got her SE CH-titel at the first dogshow after her two years birthday.

Anders surgery – for the third time – seem to have done what we where longing for – he is getting better and better.

So Goodby 2016 and

Welcome 2017!

We are looking forward to 2017. We hope to get the puppies we did not have the strange to have 2016. We would like to go to Finland and Norway on dogshows!

We are waiting for a lovely surprise – more later.

We are looking forward meeting our lovely people in the Lobeiro´family and all sweet friends who has other breeds many times this year.





It has been a long time to wait for Ringo, Knight Of Zafi Od Spesovske Skaly, but now he is here.
He is strong and fearless. Happy over everything and he really understand when the old females tells him to leave them alone :) He came fromCzeck Rep with his breeder Zita Havrankova and her friend and breeder Helena Blahova.
AT LAST I got to meet Zita for the first time live! We have had contact for a long time. It was so nice to meet them both and I think we talked at the same time all three :). Zita had de first dog s Winter, CIB CZCH Lobeiro´s Super Swede 2010, after some years Bali, CIB CZCH CZ JUNCH Lobeiro´s Qissed By An Angel and Sindy, CZCH CZ JUNCH Lobeiro´s Xciting News For OSS. We have here at home Liza, SECH Fay of Bali Od Spesovske Skaly and now Ringo who we think have a lovely future. He will go to a puppyshow in may – for training, looking forward to that.

Dogshow-season is here! We went to Piteå and happy to see that it whas several entries of our breed. The dogs from us was Liza, and our breeding Tea and Chessy. Liza came 2 best bitch with res-CC. Tea exc 3 open comp, Chessy, who I had the oportunity to show this time,

exc 4 open comp.

Chessy& Thea

On sunday it was Loves day. Anders who is a lot better in his knee, at last, showed him and they where lovely to look at. Love got exc unpl – there is always big classes in this breed.

Ringo, five month old has been at his first dogshow! He just loved everything. Bill took him and told him how he had to do in the ring. And as the day passed he understood. In BIS-final he was super! He won BOB BIG and BIS-3!!!



In Drängsmark at the Terrierclub show Ringo got HP BOB. He is so handsome and so super to show. It is as he never done anything else :) We did not stay for BIS – because he and Anna-Greta had a long way home and he where happy the whole day. He will go to some more shows.

Liza came 4 best bitch – ? Say no more.

Chessy showed herselve really well together with Bill. She got VG for her coat who I trimmed of after the show.

Tea got Exc, 2 open competetion, she found goodies on the ground and could not concentrate. She always does :)

In Vännäs we had Liza and Zota in the ring. The judge just loved them both, and he where so happy over theire tails and theire temperament. Zota came BOB CACIB and got the most beautiful critic! Everything was Excellent! Thank you Kurt Nilsson. Liza came 3 best bitch, he thought she was a little high on her legs but he said that he gladly gave her res-CC.

Love got exc and did really well. He loves go in to the ring with Anders! <3

Snobben has a lovely daughter together with Hjördis, Ch Mainly Apple Poppet, Gurli!

She will stay at home with her mother – it is so fun that we can keep following her!

Treo and Rut got three puppies! Good lyck with them Anette! And the female puppy will stay with Anette so we can follow her to.

Looking forward to Piteå where there will be some of the ”family” there and Päivi will come. And this time I am so happy that we can go there. Last year I just have had my surgery.


And what a DAY!

There where over 40 pugs in the ring. Love won his class – the judge Maureen Tate-Byrne, Irland, loved him from the start! He came best male!!! with CAC and CACIB.

So we had to wait for the female class. A sweet little bitch won and so they met!

Love came BOS! We are so happy for Anders and of course for Maria, his breeder.

Several pictures where taken of different people, thanks to all, I am sorry to say I don´t know what was taken of whom :) Hanna Mattsson, Maria Arnfjell, Päivi Avotie and me.

Kemi, Finland

So we went to Kemi in Finland with Liza. Liza got her FIN CH-titel! Came second best bitch. So she will go with Ringo and Love next year for the CACIB. But we are so happy!

And what where also really fun was that Treo got BOB, the order is correct! Thank you judge!

Bill showed Treo in the terriergroup because Päivis lovely borderterrier-female, Sky, won BOB and!!!! She came BIG-3!!! Congratulations to this lovely little girl.

We had a lovely day – thanks Päivi!


First we where on a dogshow in Svenstavik. On saturday was it Love and Anders. The judge asked Anders, is he always this happy, yes of course was his answer. They got it in the critic and also Well shown. He got exc and came 2 open class comp.

On sunday it was Lizas and Zota day. As always the lovely judge Ingrid Borchorst, from Denmark, she knows what she like and she is so so sweet with the dogs.

Liza came second best bitch res-CACIB and Zota got CC but was not placed in best bitch.

So next weekend we went to Överkalix. We had never shown a dog for her and we will never show anymore dogs for her. Our dogs got supercritic but for small things, we think, important to her in a strange way. No one of them got CC – they got exc.

Chessy – little sweet Chessy, got exc and behaved really well in the ring. We are on the right way with her. We are so happy that Barbro and Kent are going to dogshows.

We had a lovely time with sweetiest friends.

But as one friend said to us – we saw you – and then you where gone.....

I think that we have never left a show so fast....


We where at a dogshow in Drängsmark. We got a new judge – and we are not so pleased with how he examined the dogs. Tea – who I showed got only a touch on her back. He did not look at head, mouth, feel her through! Had a lot of discussion with the ringsteward, he wanted to do it his way. We are not bad loosers. Zota came 2 best bitch, with three lines of coments...

There where severel people who did not like how he judged. Not just us!

Ringo, Knight Of Zafi Od Spesovske Skaly, 8 month old, has been to a puppyshow. His third time. He does it so well – even if he got very excited when it in the BIS was a lot of more happy dogs! He loved that!


He got BOB and than all BOB-puppies was in BIS and there he came BIS-4!!! Very happy for that!

Boiling news! 30th sept was Zita and Sindy to Austria. Sindy got BOB and got her Austrian Championtitel and is now qualified for C.I.B, not yet three years!




Snobbens daughter Gurli got BOS at her first puppyshow (Finnish norfolk- and norwichclubs puppyshow). Snobben keeps getting lovely children with different females.

We are so happy the 28th of november Zota gave birth to two lovely female puppies, both red! The are doing well – eating and sleeping and has a mother that has total control.

Ringo has been and looked up his eyes – they where ok! We are so happy for that

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