Here we are, Lena and Bill Lindgren, Lobeiro´s kennel.

We live three swedish miles north of Umeå.
Our name of the kennel could use an explanation.

The name is portugees and meen wolfgrey.

We took the name because of the breed we hade than,
Cao da Serra da Estrela, an portugees mountaindog. But unfortunality, Sweden and
 the swedes whas not prepared for this watchdog and with the small breedmaterial
as Sweden had, we stopped.
But it´s a wonderful familydog if it comes to the right home.
We bought our first norfolkterrier, Gainsay Headache from Päivi Avotie, Finland, 1985.
We could not have got a better start - thank you Päivi.
Kinn, as she was called won her titles easy, later on she could call herself
Internationell champion and Northern (Swedish, Norwegien and Finnish) Champion.
With proud in our hearts we can tell you she´s our studbitch and our leeding star.
1993 and 1994 she became The Broodbitch of the year (in Swedish Norfolkterrierclub).
Her offsprings has shown their success both in breeding and showing.
Our goal is to never lose her in our pedigrees.
We have linebreed on her once - three champions of tree "puppies".

Our dogs does NOT live in a kennelbuilding!

Our dogs livs in the house with us as familymembers.

Anything else is unthinkable.


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